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Self-Care Practices Suitable for Seniors


No matter what age you’re in, incorporating self-care practices is an absolute must to improve the various aspects of functioning. People of all ages need a way out from the monotony and daily stresses of life. In a way, self-care is considered a part of personal care.

Exercising is a great way to stay in shape and make use of whatever free time someone has. An elder will benefit from strength, flexibility, and balance exercises to maintain their independence and keep themselves fulfilled by being productive. In carrying out such tasks, a senior should approach home health care services in Pennsylvania for assistance.

Seniors should also include mentally stimulating activities in their self-care routine. The companionship services of Lending A Hand Home Care provide optimal stimulation by playing games in pairs with elderly clients. In this manner, the cognitive, social, and emotional aspects are targeted in just a single activity.

Apart from companionship, older adults also need to interact with other people to avoid depression and other mental health issues. Being socially engaged keeps an individual mentally engaged while boosting the mood. The family, friends, and neighbors of the clients are the immediate sources of socialization, but they can also branch out to local clubs and community organizations.

Self-care is also practiced by adhering to the medication schedule, getting enough sleep, and regularly visiting a physician for health checkups. All of these practices are the foundation of preventive care. The assistance of in-home care services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania supports elders experiencing difficulties in any of these aspects.

Caregivers who promote the self-care of their clients should observe one for themselves as well through respite services. Our agency recognizes that the well-being of our clients is just as important as our staff.


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