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Brief Strategies for Meal Preparation and Feeding


Meal preparation and feeding assistance have always been an issue for seniors or people with mobility issues. These tasks require physical strength to accomplish. When they are not capable of preparing meals and feeding themselves, this is where we at Lending A Hand Home Care step in.

We provide personal care services for clients who need assistance with daily tasks, including preparing meals and feeding. We seek to help them achieve a comfortable life with the help of our services.

However, we understand that some of the seniors and disabled people’s loved ones opt to be the primary care provider for them. As a provider of in-home care services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allow us to share strategies to make meal preparation and feeding easy and appropriate for them.

Meal preparation is very critical if you have senior or disabled loved ones. The prepared meal and its ingredients dictate the nutrients your loved ones should intake. Thus, it is necessary to buy and stock ingredients that benefit your loved one’s health. Afterward, you may start to plan the meals to cook.

As a quick tip, we suggest variating the kind of meals to prepare. You should also cook soups, or if you have an abundant stock of fruits, you can make them a smoothie or a salad.

For feeding, you can help them with feeding, but innovation is always the key. You can buy assistive devices that will help them with feeding. You may also seek our respite services to help them with feeding temporarily.

Our home health care services in Pennsylvania prioritize the value of our client’s health. Our services aim to provide them with a comfortable and healthy life. If you wish to seek assistance in preparing meals and feeding, please call us.

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