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Supported Employment

Caregiver and Senior

Our services will include Vocational Preparation, Training and Support Services.

Supported employment is funded by Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Development Program (ODP) and Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

Vocational Preparation Services: This includes assessment, resume writing, interviewing preparation, and job search training, job placement assistance and travel training.

Training Services: Our job training program is an individualized approach that seeks to assist new employees in learning their new job tasks and functions, ensuring they meet employer expectations. This includes time management, the development of interpersonal coping strategies, proper hygiene and communication etiquette.

Support Services: Once the employee has successfully learned their position, has developed confidence to successfully perform their job and has successfully integrated in the employment community, Casmir staff will fade their training services but continue to provide ongoing support to the individual; they will also serve as a liaison between the individual and employer, work collaboratively with the individual’s team, ensuring professional growth and success in their place of employment. This will include monitoring employees to ensure job performance, productivity, and retraining as job functions evolve.